SEWITHERS Sandpiper Bowtie


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“Sandpiper is a developed drawing that initially took place as a hand drawn woodcut print. The motif was originally organized in a grid. Through digital development it was organized into a scatter print to give the motif more movement - in response to its representation of the Sand piper bird.”Sublimation print on synthetic microtwill

Design, printed and made in Aotearoa

Styled with an accessory from Harford
Show: Miromoda Fashion Runway 2016
Model: Jaygar Stewart
Photography: Masanori

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Sonya Elspeth Withers

Sonya Elspeth Withers is a budding designer of Samoan and Niu Sila ethnicity. Sewithers is a salute to her afakasi ethnicity and formal training through textile design along with her growing interests in menswear.

The featured works are the first of a collection of concepts Sonya has been developing since her post-graduate days and profession in tailored menswear.