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“Inspired by sketchings scrawled all over the inside covers of my Tusi paia (samoan bible)” - Sonya describes a habit she had of copying Siapo motifs and practicing them over her books. This textile design is homage to those drawings.

Sublimation print on synthetic microtwill
Cobalt blue buttons
Cutaway collar
Single cuff
Also available as a bow tie

Slim fit

Designed, printed and made in Aotearoa

Styled with garments from Harford
Show: Miromoda Fashion Runway 2016
Model: Rory
Photograpghy: Masanori

Can produce on a made-to-order basis - please enquire at


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Sonya Elspeth Withers

Sonya Elspeth Withers is a budding designer of Samoan and Niu Sila ethnicity. Sewithers is a salute to her afakasi ethnicity and formal training through textile design along with her growing interests in menswear.

The featured works are the first of a collection of concepts Sonya has been developing since her post-graduate days and profession in tailored menswear.